Compliance Training

Is your organisation compliant with Health and Safety legislation?

Many organisations are not currently fully aware of their legal obligations in relation to Health and Safety Legislation. This could potentially put their employees at risk and can result in large fines and in some cases custodial sentences.

This is where our team of experts at Peach Compliance Consultancy can help, by providing your organisation with specialist support to identify any training or knowledge gaps and implement a range of training programmes that meet the needs of your business.

Peach Compliance Consultancy specialise in:

•Identifying and supporting your organisation, ensuring you meet at least the minimum legal  requirements.
•Conducting Organisational Risk Assessments
•Designing and implementation of a Training Matrix
•Delivery of High quality in house or e-Learning training Packages

To book your Free Organisational Risk Assessment please contact our experts on:

01226 246 583

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