How does Peach Orator Safeguard their Learners?

Peach Orator is committed to the following principles in all aspects of its safeguarding work:

  • Empowerment – Putting people first and helping those who lack mental capacity feel involved and informed
  • Prevention – Responding quickly to suspected cases of abuse
  • Proportionality – Making sure what we do is appropriate to the situation and for the individual
  • Partnership – Sharing the right   information in the right way
  • Accountability – Making sure all agencies have a clear role

Peach Orator will endeavour to:

  • Ensure all people will be treated with respect and with courtesy by Staff and Learners in an environment that is free from harassment or discrimination
  • All training rooms, communal areas, facilities and equipment will comply with legislative Health and Safety standards
  • Work with Learners and other agencies to promote a safe and healthy culture
  • Develop partnerships to proactively protect young people and vulnerable adults from risk of abuse or neglect
  • Appropriately train staff to ensure they have a clear understanding of personal safety and good safeguarding practices
  • Work with Learners to promote their own personal health, well-being and safety including their safety on the internet
  • Provide learners with confidential advice, guidance and support for a range of issues that they may face.   They will be signposted to external agencies where specialist support is required

The Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)

Peach Orator is committed to ensuring the organisation meets its obligations within this area.

Your Designated Safeguarding Officer is responsible for ensuring our processes and procedures for the protection of young people and vulnerable adults are robust and consistently applied and that Peach Orator   fulfils its legal duties as enshrined within appropriate legislation.

Reporting Concerns

Any allegation or disclosure involving a child, young person or adult at risk should be reported immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Your DSO is:

Sarah Hirst
Telephone: 01226 246583

Or email our designated incident reporting address: