What is Prevent?

Prevent is about safeguarding people and communities from the threat of terrorism. Prevent is 1 of the 4 elements of CONTEST, the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

How Does Prevent Work?

Prevent uses a range of measures to challenge extremism including:

  • Supporting people who are at risk of being drawn into terrorist or extremist activity through the ‘Channel’ process, see the ‘What is Channel’ section to find out more about this below
  • Working with and supporting community groups and social enterprise projects who provide services and support to vulnerable people
  • Working with faith groups and institutions to assist them in providing support and guidance to people who may be vulnerable; and
  • Supporting local schools, local industry and partner agencies through engagement, advice and training

Prevent looks at building a deeper understanding of how individuals become radicalised. This helps to identify ways of preventing people from becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism. Typically, a radicalisation process includes exposure of an individual to extremist viewpoints that may eventually influence the person to carry out an act of violent extremism or terrorism. This could take weeks, months or even years. It is possible to intervene during this process and stop someone becoming a terrorist or supporting violent extremist activity. Violent extremism is where people seek to justify or promote terrorism or encourage others to commit such acts.

What is Channel?

Channel is a process developed to support people at risk of being drawn towards terrorism or violent extremism. Partners work together to support individuals vulnerable to radicalisation and provide tailored safeguarding measures to support their needs.

Channel Partners include local authority, healthcare providers, probation, police and members of the community. A range of options are available including mentoring, welfare support and access to key services. This process can support the people in your community if it is needed.

So what does this mean for you?

Extremism in itself is not illegal but we still encourage you to be aware of potential signs of it because it can act as a ‘pathway’ to terrorism. Prevent does not aim to criminalise people for holding extreme views; instead, it seeks to stop individuals from encouraging or even committing violent activity. We all have a role to play in Prevent within Peach Orator   and communities by helping people understand what the strategy aims to achieve.

You may have concerns that an individual is susceptible to radicalisation or recruitment by terrorists or violent extremists. Or you may have worries concerning yourself, the earlier the Channel intervention the more likely it is to be effective; so please follow the Safeguarding reporting process and make the referral to the Designated Safeguarding Officer at the earliest opportunity.

British Values

Peach Orator believes it is important to allow all learners to be respected and enjoy the liberties and entitlements that a democratic society provides. Below are the values which we are dedicated to exemplifying and encouraging:

  • Democracy - You have the right to live in a society where you can vote, and have your say on how things are done
  • Individual liberty - You have the right to live and speak freely
  • The rule of the law - You have the right to live in a law-abiding society, where the law protects its citizens. You are innocent until proven guilty
  • Respect and tolerance - You have the right to be respected and tolerated regardless of your background, culture, gender, age, sexuality, religion or belief

These things are your rights and the rights of everyone else in Britain, and it is your responsibility to promote this in at your place of work, within your community and at home. 

If you have any questions or concerns about Prevent or British Values, please speak with your Tutor or contact the Designated Safeguarding Officer.  Our full Prevent and British Values policy is available for download below.