Training - a fresh approach

We believe that training shouldn’t be a box ticking exercise, nor that one size will ever fit all. No two Peach Orator training programmes are ever quite the same because every one is created with the individual needs of each client at its core.

What we also don’t do is dull 'chalk and talk' sessions.

It is our priority that delegates leave us with knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm, and that every programme has a lasting, positive impression on both business and individual. We believe that interactive, practical learning methods are the key to help participants to make real changes and workplaces to become more effective.

Our tried and tested process

Consultation with a
training professional

The reassurance of knowing you're dealing with the experts

Design a course around you

A training programme written specifically to meet your needs


Training delivered where, when and how you want it


Improved measurable performance, increased confidence and success