About us

Welcome to Peach Orator


We have been providing inspirational training solutions that deliver real, tangible results to businesses, schools and the public sector since our inception in 1999. 

Over the years Peach Orator’s aims and ethos have remained a constant. 

All of the training that we deliver has to be meaningful and add value. It should be tailored to meet the needs of the client and never be a box ticking exercise. We create packages that deliver training to our customers - where, when and how they want it. This customer-first approach has gained us many loyal clients, who come back time and time again. 

We believe that training shouldn’t be a box ticking exercise, nor that one size will ever fit all. It is our priority that delegates leave us with knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm, and that every programme has a lasting, positive impression on both the individual and the organisation. We believe that interactive, practical learning methods are the key to help participants to make real changes and workplaces to become more effective. 

Our team of sector specialist trainers work closely with clients, tailoring their approach to ensure that all individuals are catered for and learning packages are in-line with the latest industry developments. 

We hope you’ll agree and we look forward to working with you.